What is BR By the Numbers?

As an economic development and public policy organization, it’s vital that the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) stay abreast of the state of the Capital Region not only from a qualitative standpoint, but also quantitatively - that’s the role of BRAC’s business intelligence team. This Substack exists to provide readers and residents greater insight to the type of data we look at while making the business case for Baton Rouge to companies and supporting public policy that promotes economic growth.

Keep in mind, the business intelligence team’s work goes well beyond wonky blog posts - we also do fee-for-service work for businesses and non-profits across the state. From labor market analysis to economic impact modeling for your company’s projects, and everything in-between, feel free to reach out to see if we have a research solution for you.

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Uncovering economic opportunity in Baton Rouge through data-driven research


Manager of Economic and Policy Research at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. UT, LSU, & TFA Alum.
Recovering attorney, currently steeped in community and economic development research.